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100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets

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100% Organic Bamboo Quilt Cover Set

100% Organic Bamboo Blankets

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Team Bamboo

At Bamboo Beach Shack, we use the words ‘life-changing’ a lot. Bamboo has changed our lives, and we think it can change other people’s too. Evolving from humble origins at the Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast, this family business started through my Mother, who started wearing bamboo clothing to help with her eczema and the sleeping issues it caused.  We’ve discovered, through research and customer feedback, that bamboo can help with so many health issues, but one thing that everyone agrees on is that it’s also just seriously, insanely comfortable. You’ll never forget your first sleep on bamboo sheets. Not all bamboo fabric is made equal though, so when it comes to bamboo, the quality makes a huge difference to the benefits you’ll receive. That's why we focus on finding only the best bamboo products available in the world. We’ve spent years testing and researching to find manufacturers who can maintain consistent, premium quality at a great price. Here at Bamboo HQ our mission is to help you access the amazing health and lifestyle benefits of bamboo through offering our products at an affordable price.

We offer free delivery too!

We love changing lives and we look forward to hearing your own, life-changing story!

Riki - General Manager (Director)

Riki is a director of the company and his knowledge of bamboo is second to none here in Australia. He is the driving force behind all aspects of Bamboo Beach Shack and one of the many reasons our customers keep coming back for more. He has a background in sales and marketing for over 17 years, having previously managed over 100 people at any given time. His move into this business was very organic for him, having family suffering from hereditary conditions including eczema and feeling the benefits of the bamboo product personally, moving into a more ethical and rewarding career alongside his drive to promote a truly life changing product came with ease. He is extremely interactive with our customers and has built long lasting relationships with them on a personal level as well. Our customers have cleverly given him the nickname Ricky Bamboo! He loves a good chat, has the gift of the gab as some would say. In Riki’s words “when you have a true passion for something, it no longer feels like you are selling a product but a lifestyle”. We absolutely love his daily involvement and passion that he brings, with his old fashioned approach to customer service. Just don’t start talking to him about AFL (in particular Collingwood) or you will be in his office in no time to view his memorabilia!

Kayo - Accounts and Administration Manager (Director)

Kayo is our second director and is a vital part behind the scenes of the business. Originating from Japan, she has been here for 13 years and has been married to Riki for the past seven years. Managing all accounts and administrative importation of our much loved products. Kayo has a Diploma in Hospitality Management and has managed restaurants and some of the largest hotels in Yokohama, Japan. She spent the early years of Bamboo Beach Shack on the front line, learning the ropes of the Bamboo industry. These days, you will not see her as much at Bamboo HQ, as she is a full time mum to the most beautiful boy and continues to shock us with how much she can get done in a day with a little one by her side.

Phoebe - Social Media and Distribution Manager

Phoebe joins Bamboo Beach Shack with a wealth of experience in social media and general business management. She brings a friendly and positive energy that lightens up Bamboo HQ!

Phoebe moved to Gold Coast with her husband after living in Melbourne for 5 years. Originally she is from New Zealand which you can clearly tell from her awesome accent. Phoebe has a huge passion for business and social media and she is so excited to spread her knowledge and positivity within Bamboo HQ. A few fun facts about Phoebe… She was raised in a small beach town in NZ and grew up being a Surf Life Guard and is obsessed with Harry Potter!
Phoebe is absolutely petrified of natural disasters! Once there was a tsunami warning in her hometown and she slept on the roof in her wetsuit haha!

Phoebe is always full of beans and is always down for a good yarn, so come on in and have a chat with her! Keep an eye out on all our social media platforms for her new show "Bamboo O'clock'.

Nanako - Graphic Design Manager

Nano has been here in Australia for roughly four years and is also originally from Japan, where some of the bamboo fabric is derived from. Having previously worked for the government in Japan within international relations, she came to Australia to study graphic design and start a new life. After successfully completing her Diploma in Graphic Design, she is the creator behind the beautiful imagery that is uploaded via our social media platforms and website. She is the first smiling face you will see when you walk into Bamboo HQ and she has a gentle and caring nature to assist all customers that walk into our store. She continues to make us all smile on a daily basis and ensures that all of our online orders arrive to our customers with the utmost care.

Josh - Warehouse Distribution Consultant

Josh has been with the company for three years having started off as one of our very first customers and one of our first VIP’s! He quickly became obsessed with our bamboo products and wanted to be a part of our vision. Having previously run his own landscaping business, he is very hands on and never shy’s away from hard work. He is the most adaptable member of the team and you will find him buzzing around the warehouse eager to lend a hand with all aspects of the business. His huge smile is contagious and he brings great energy to the team and his positive vibes rub off on everyone he comes into contact with. Like Sammy, Josh has almost every bamboo product imaginable so he is a great source of knowledge. Mr Fix It is at your service!

Samantha - Social Media & Government Initiative Consultant

Sammy is the newest member to the Bamboo Beach Shack and brings a broad range of skills and knowledge to the business. She has a Bachelors and Honours Degree in Psychological science and is excellent in dealing with our customers both online and in person at Bamboo HQ. She will be assisting a number of us with our roles and is that all-rounder that we need. She has a beautiful daughter that is her world and has been a customer of ours for almost two years now. You will definitely notice a trend with our customers becoming our employees! Like Riki’s family, she has had skin conditions of her own, so our products have assisted her on a personal level also. She is a great ambassador for the bamboo product and can also answer any questions and may be able to provide you with some hot tips!

Where You'll Find Us!

Tweed Heads is on the border of Northern NSW and Queensland’s, the Gold Coast. 

Home to amazing beaches, abundant sunlight and healthy lifestyles, it’s been the perfect place to set-up our retail store and HQ. 

If you’re in the area, drop by and say hello! You can also take the opportunity to experience just how amazing bamboo feels compared to other fabrics you might be used to. 

We also stock a range of super comfortable bamboo clothing and underwear as well as gifts and baby products. 

Looking forward to meeting you soon!