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Twill Weave vs Sateen Weave - Which one is better for Bamboo?


Most of you will see a lot of products in the bamboo market that promote their sateen weave. Something you may not know about us is that this is not the method we use, but rather the twill weave. The twill makes a stronger and more durable fabric that is longer lasting. But the main benefits are most definitely the softness that comes from this weave and the fact that this method does not pill like sateen does.

Sateen may appear to start out softer when first purchased, but do not be deceived by this as our twill weave gets softer and softer with every wash and has the longevity you want when purchasing bedding. Twill weave is also known to drape better on your bed and has a greater wrinkle resistance that once again gets better and better when washed.

We all know that it is not about the thread count when it comes to bamboo. Make sure that you are seeking information surrounding the method in which the fabric is made, to ensure you are purchasing the highest quality weave possible for absolute comfort and longevity. Who wants to get into a bed after a long day to feel some pilling at your feet? Not me!